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About me

Slovenian self-taught artist Julijana Ravbar’s work is an abstract reflection of what she within in – her heart, her soul. Through the use of color, light and texture she invites us to see a world expressed through the power of abstraction, rather than pictures or words.

She lives in Slovenia. Painting is a big part of her life routine. She enjoys painting with acrylic colors. Each painting has a corresponding title with a sensible mood behind each design. All of her paintings are created to match the modern art stream. She strive for the best quality in both materials and finish. All her creations are handcrafted with great care and are coated with fine art varnish to protect the colors for extended time, and to ensure durability and protection against changes in room temperature.


Artist statement:

I have been creating art for over 15 years. My paintings are an exploration of ideas born from experiences and emotions. Through my art I`m seeking to create something meaningful and try to transmit optimism in the mind of the viewer. In my work you can find two forms of abstract art:“narrative”, which in a modified form depicts the story, and “geometric” in the form of strong color fields, which shows my perception of the world.

CONTACT: Partizanska cesta 17, 6210 Sezana, Slovenia, Phone +38640697900
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